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The Breastfeeding Capsule Wardrobe

We put together our recommended essential breastfeeding capsule wardrobe to help you navigate your postpartum journey in style!  

So you thought dressing for pregnancy was hard then came breastfeeding!  We feel you mama! Although the baby is out, that belly doesn’t just shrink over night, it did take nine months to grow!  During this time you are navigating postpartum body changes, your boobs are growing / shrinking throughout the day and they are leaking!  Unfortunately, it won’t be time to put those delicate fabrics and body hugging pre-maternity wardrobe pieces back into rotation.

Today, mothers are nursing for longer period of times, so it’s worth spending some energy getting your wardrobe organized to support you on this journey.  Breastfeeding is a huge commitment that greatly changes your day to day, however there is no need to sacrifice your style.  

At Maia Moda, we put together a basic breastfeeding capsule of pieces to get you started on the right foot. You don't need to buy an entirely new wardrobe, but having these key apparel items in place will make a big difference towards your sanity.  Mother's don’t have time to spend the morning picking out the perfect outfit, some well thought out capsule pieces will provide you with the foundation to get ready quickly without much fuss. Below is a list of the basics with the specific recommendations for each one.

  • 4 - 5 Nursing / Pumping bras
  • 4 - 5 Nursing tanks
  • 2 -3 Breastfeeding shirts
  • 1 -2 Nursing Covers
  • 1 Shawl / Oversized Sweater
  • 2 Nursing Dresses

Nursing / Pumping Bras

Nursing bras are an absolute must-have.  Although you can technically use a regular bra, you’ll only ruin it in the process, plus as it’s not made for nursing moms and can be generally uncomfortable!  We recommend you have 4 - 5 nursing bras to get you through.  Unfortunately, due to leakage these bras will be hitting up the wash more often, so having a little more can make life easier.  Bravado has some great nursing bras for any size, check out this one.

Also for the pumping mamas, there are some dual nursing / pumping bras available (What will they think of next!?) We like this one and this one.

Nursing Tanks

Another great option and potential replacement for some of the nursing bras are the nursing tank.  The major advantage is that they hide your tummy when you lift your shirt to nurse.  However, these nursing tanks are better suited for smaller chested mamas which becomes a pretty small population set when you are nursing!  If they work well for you we recommend 4 - 5.  Motherhood has some great basics.

Breastfeeding Tops

A huge advantage of nursing over maternity is that it’s a lot easier to find regular tops that work for nursing too.  Look for button down options, low cuts and nice flowy bottoms that you can easily lift up. Also make sure the fabric is machine washable with colors / patterns that are stain resistant and camouflaging.  Although regular tops will fit the bill it is nice to have 2 -3 breastfeeding specific tops on hand to make life a little easier.  Look for tops that work through the maternity / breastfeeding stage to get more wears, like our Maia top :).  We have already built in all the requirements of a good breastfeeding top - less work for mama!

Nursing Covers

For a busy women on the go, breastfeeding in public is hard to avoid and why should you anyways?! At Maia Moda we support nursing with or without a cover whatever makes mama and baby happy.  In general the bundles of swaddle blankets you received at your baby shower double great as a nursing cover.  However if you wanted a true nursing cover we love this one and this one.  Get one or two and rotate them in your diaper bag at all times.

Shawl / Oversized Sweater

If you are nursing in the colder months, invest in a shawl or oversized sweater you love.  Not only are they unbelievable stylish, but they are very complimentary towards any figure and double as a beautiful nursing cover on the go.  We love this one from Aritzia.


Who doesn’t love dresses?!  Generally the last thing a new mom wants to do is slip on a pair of pants over their postpartum belly.  Put aside 2 -3 dresses that work well for breastfeeding.  Unlike a top, there is no option to lift up your dress to nurse so be aware that you’ll need boob access from the top, which can make them that much more challenging to find.  We recommend wrap dresses or low-cut-options to fit the bill.  For small chested women like myself, the low cut options are a chance to show off the chest I normally don’t have!  Check out our Gaia dress as an option, the lift up access is extra discrete!

We hope this list gets you off to a good start. We would love to hear your tips!  Please comment below on your best options!

This blog is part of a larger capsule series, don't miss our maternity capsule wardrobe!

- Veronica

MAIA MODA Co-Founder


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