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Not Your Mama's Polyester!

When Veronica and I first started brainstorming about the dream MAIA MODA fabric, we had so many qualifications in mind. We wanted our product to compete against any high-end work shirt or weekender top and for us this was all dependent on the fabric.  We all know the feeling of a beautifully woven top from Theory and the fall-apart shirts from H&M.   We wanted a fabric that was refined, light and drapey but also durable, washable and all around baby friendly. This ruled out the obvious choice - silk. It would have been far too fussy to maintain (dry-clean every time there was spillage?? No, thank you) and so delicate that mamas wouldn’t want to be anywhere near their precious new babies (uhh, that’s a no-no).

We then turned to poly, but not your mama’s poly.  Due to its infamous past, polyester can conger up old memories of a scratchy, smelly and sometimes florescent colored fabric, but this is all behind us now.  Technology has done a lot for computers and cars; fabric is no different, although some people haven’t gotten the memo yet.  The feel, drape and comfort of the new poly are next level but in addition, the variety of weights and finishes, including moisture-wicking and antibacterial versions are beyond what nature can offer!

Having had first-hand experience with polyester at J. Mendel, Ralph Lauren and J.Crew, I knew it wouldn’t let us down. As a designer, my experience has been using poly for building voluminous shapes (for which silk and other traditionally expensive fabrics can’t quite measure) as well body conscious, tight fitting garments. At J. Mendel, we used a “techy jersey”, which we considered a miracle fabric, for beautiful day-dresses, suits and outerwear. This particular poly was a heavy weight, stretch fabric that flattered the body like no other. At J. Crew, the praises of poly were sung loud and clear not only by the designers but also our loyal customers who loved the beautiful garments and the savings on their dry-cleaning bills.

The MAIA poly georgette not only drapes beautifully and is soft to the touch, but the crepe texture feels just like silk. However, unlike silk you can throw it right in the wash with the rest of your mommy loads. Oh and one more thing… our prints are not only feminine and versatile but they smartly camouflage any spillage or accidents. So we hope we have convinced you to come over to the dark side (just joking) and try out our modern polyester fabrics.  We are confident both you and baby will love it!   We recommend you kiss, hug and play with your babies as much as you can in your MAIA MODA wear!



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