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MAIA MODA available at the Upper Breast Side!

Maia Moda is proud to be featured at the Upper Breast Side in the Upper West Side of New York.  Our entire collection is available to try on, see and touch in person.   The Upper Breast Side is a pioneering institution in New York in support of breastfeeding moms.  Providing not only well-curated products and breastfeeding education but they are also the number one human milk donor depot in the city.

The store was launched in 1999, a "spark" of an idea that bloomed when answers and relief about the mysteries of breastfeeding ones infant were missing for the founder. Today, women flock to the spunky resource center, to obtain immediate relief on all things pertaining to breast pumps, pump accessories, proper nursing bra fittings and nursing clothing.

It is also one of New York’s largest hospital-grade breast pump rental stations. Optimal consultation on proper use and care of breast pumps rented or purchased - especially unique when taught at their in-house "Milk Bar". Certified bra fitters staffed during their walk-in business hours. Weekly intensive latch-on clinics and Pre-Natal breastfeeding classes are taught by some of the most reputable and experienced Board Certified (IBCLC) Lactation consultants. Because sometimes those YouYube videos just aren’t doing the trick!

Finally, as mentioned the Upper Breast Side is New York’s #1 licensed Human Milk Donor Depot.  Breast milk donation banks fulfill an important role in the preservation of newborn life. All donated human milk is made available to the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) in hospitals or homes where a mother's own milk is unavailable or insufficient.

Be sure to check them out online or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

Veronica Horner

MAIA MODA Co-Founder


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