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Made for Women by Women

MAIA MODA was founded with a mission to support women on their breastfeeding journey; enabling women to dress fashionably, while meeting their breastfeeding goals.  This need in the market has been overlooked and underserved for far too long.  Women deserve clothes for work and play that make their lives easier and project the strong women that they are.  Breastfeeding moms shouldn’t be relegated to outdated, unfashionable nursing clothes whether they are running their business, attending a friend’s wedding or networking over coffee.

MAIA MODA is owned and founded by Veronica Horner and Gerta Frasheri, because who knows how to address a distinctly female issue better than a mother and a female fashion designer?  MAIA MODA clothes not only focus on facilitating breastfeeding, but take into consideration a mother’s entire lifestyle, ensuring clothes are easy to wash, will resist stains and allow movement to chase a toddler around the park.

As a women centric company it was important to support women across our entire value chain.  Therefore, we partnered with Suuchi Inc. founded and owned by Suuchi Ramesh to make our clothes.  Suuchi Inc. is a certified Women's Business Enterprise National Council garment manufacturer located in New Jersey. As part of their mission they focus on hiring women locally who had previously lost jobs to outsourcing.   Suuchi has also been working with the New Jersey state Department of Labor and Workforce Development to invest in at least 3,000 square feet of additional space and machines, with which to train women in sewing and patternmaking.  These newly trained employees gain important skills to meet the growing demand for American manufacturing.

At MAIA MODA we are proud to support American manufacturing ensuring high quality workmanship and responsive demand.  This provides good jobs for Americans while ensuring these important skills are grown locally.  Furthermore, the proximity to our production facility allows MAIA MODA to be highly responsive to customer feedback, which would not be possible in a high volume outsourced model.

MAIA MODA joins a trend of female founded companies trailblazing into new markets.  In 2009, 9.5% of startups had a least one woman founder, but by 2014 that rate had almost doubled to 18%. Women are turning the glass ceiling on its head by paving new roads into ownership, where women can utilize their business acumen while building strong family ties.  It is the golden age of women entrepreneurship with many focusing on underserved female needs.  We are so excited to be part of this trend which we hope will continue to grow.

In the end it’s all about the product. We have obsessed over every detail which we hope will shine through to you, our customers.  You can be assured every item was made with the utmost care to support our fellow trailblazing women in all you do.

- Veronica

MAIA MODA Co-Founder



  • Donna

    Hi Veronica, Yahoo! Finally women are going to be able to feel good in their cloths while breast feeding. Wishing you all the success.

  • MIchael

    Thanks Veronica for taking on this new venture, many women will benifit from your efforts?
    Congratulation to you and your partner
    Wishing both of you great success going forward ?

  • Suuchi Ramesh

    Proud to be partnering with Maia Moda! !

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