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Got Milk!? The 10 Phases of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a journey, just when you think you have the hang of it, something changes. From beginning to end there is no shortage of “excitement”. Sometimes you just need to laugh through it to stay sane. 

  1. Got milk? The first few days can be so nerve racking since your milk hasn’t completely come in and your baby's weight may be dropping. You start to wonder why no one has invented a boob milk monitor. Having to trust your body is an exercise that takes some getting used to.
  2. Who’s boob is it anyway? Lactation consultations, baby nurses, and of course your little one all have their hands on your coconuts. You question whether it’s a boob or a squeeze toy. I’ve never had so many strangers touch, pull and squeeze my boobs to get that latch just right.
  3. Mangia, mangia, mangia! Everyone talks about maternity cravings but nothing compares to a breastfeeding mom’s appetite. There were crumbs in our bed and I actually became annoyed that eating was taking up so much of my time.
  4. Abracadabra! You’re hungry - here is a boob. You’re sad - here is a boob. You’re tired - here is a boob. You have magic superpowers over your child. I remember how afraid my husband was to be left alone with Henry. When Henry started crying, he was stuck rocking, pacing and singing to comfort him. He lacked the secret weapon and he was jealous.
  5. Netflix and Breastfeed: This is the golden stage of breastfeeding. You and your baby have the hang of this thing. Breastfeeding is taking up most of your day, but your baby is focused. Relax,catch up on email and binge watch Netflix. This stage doesn’t last long.. So milk it ;)
  6. Raingear required: There was a point when my son was easily distracted and seemed to unlatch right in the middle of let down. I would have inevitably forgotten the burping cloth and the next thing I know my baby has unlatched and I am spraying. At first I’d attempt to collect the milk with my hand, but sometimes it just keeps going and going. Eventually I’d just start to use my baby's outfit as a shield. I change him 6 times a day anyways - he probably had a blow out.
  7. Duuun dun, duun dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun.. Watch out.. It’s baby JAWS!
    Even before those little biters come in, their gummy mouth is still a threat. I found myself intensely staring down my son, looking for the first sign that he was done eating so I could escape baby jaws!
  8. What a waste of a good set of boobs: Before I had my son, I was an embarrassingly small 32A ha now I’m done nursing I’m still an embarrassingly small 32A. Breastfeeding was the first time in my life I had some good boobs to show off. I had plans to find some good low cut shirts to really take advantage of these new found assets, but what a waste it was - somehow I never got out and my husband saw enough of my boobs for a lifetime after months of breastfeeding. Nature can be cruel sometimes.
  9. I’m never going away again! That first trip overnight sounds like an amazing relaxing get-away from your parenting responsibilities. Your boobs are there to remind you, things have changed and you better not forget. I remember my first trip away with my husband. We went on an overnight camp trip with friends. I failed to take into consideration there would be no power for pumping and I found myself bent-over hand expressing, using my iPhone for light to try and relieve my engorged ta-tas. Not exactly the romantic getaway I had originally pictured.
  10. Wait, it’s over?! No matter how long you breastfeed the day you realize your breastfeeding journey is over it all feels like it went by too quickly. So enjoy this time and special bond with your child, because it will be over before you know it.


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 This article was also featured on Working Mother

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