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5 Stylish Outfits for Pumping at Work

So you decided to pump at work - go mama!  It can be a tough transition to go back to work after having a child especially when you add pumping to the mix.  However, sometimes looking put together is the first step to feeling great! We've assembled some stylish outfit ideas to get you in and out of that pumping room ASAP! In this post we break down our five favorite looks as well as all the equipment you will need to be successful. 

The Looks

What to wear to look great AND conveniently pump.  Here are some of our favorite combinations:

Look 1: The Zip-Down Dress: Better suited for someone with a private pumping room.  A zip-down dress can easily be pulled down to your waist for easy pumping access.  M.M. La Fleur has some beautiful options.

MM LaFleur Pauline


Look 2: A Loose Fitting Top with a Pencil Skirt: Pencil skirts are classic, feminine and work in most work environments.  Pair it with a loose fitting top and you are ready for the day.  A loose fitting top is easy to lift-up and gain access to your tatas to start pumping. Be sure to check out our Rhea Blouse as an option, it was designed with the working mother in mind.

Pencil Skirt Ann Taylor

Look 3: A blouse and well-cut jacket: A nice loose blouse underneath a fitted jacket is a perfect combination.  As an added bonus, a jacket tends to hide a postpartum tummy.  Our Maia Maternity / Nursing blouse is pictured below in a camo print (also available in black and navy).

Maia Top for pumping at work

Look 4: The Wrap Dress: A wrap dress is a great maternity piece and continues well into the postpartum phase. The wrap design is complementary to a postpartum body and a V-neck design allows for easy pumping access. Be sure to try it on with your chosen nursing bra to ensure your bra stays hidden, as nursing bras tend to sit higher up.  As an added bonus any print designs will camouflage milk stains well.

DVF Wrap Dress


Look 5: A Button-up Top with Slimming Pants: Nothing beats a crisp button-up top and classic work pants. Most of us already have this outfit in our closet.  One can unbutton the top in a jiffy and secure the pumps all while keeping the top on for some extra warmth and coverage.  

Theory Pants and Top

The Equipment

Not to forget the basics, below is a list of equipment we recommend you have on hand at the office for your pumping needs.

  1. The Pump: For pump options check out this postIn general, be sure to have an extra set of everything including bottles, pumps and accessories because you never know.
  2. The Bra: A good pumping bra allows you to be hands-free. One can zip through a lot of emails with 20 minutes of undisturbed focused time.  
    1. The Bustier Bra: This one is a standard choice and very effective.  It’s tight and stable for your pumping needs.  However, it’s not designed to be worn under your clothes and you’ll have to take it on and off at every session.  Pro tip: Wear your nursing bra to work, simply unclip it and place the bustiest bra on top, this eliminates the step of taking your bra off and on. GENIUS!
    2. Pumping Bra:  Most people are aware of the concept of nursing bras, but there are now pumping bras too! The majority even double as nursing and pumping bras.   We like this one and this one. Although this eliminates the need of changing bras, we have found they can be less stable than the bustier.  
  3. Scarf or Nursing Cover: As offices tend to run cold, be sure to have a scarf or nursing cover to stay warm.  This also doubles as a privacy measure in case any unsuspecting co-workers come barging in.
  4. Towel: Keep a towel in your nursing kit to protect your clothes from any milk mishaps.  Laying a light towel across your pants / skirt ensures those cunning droplets of milk won’t cause you heartache.
  5. More Tips: For more pumping tips and preparation steps, check out this post here.

Going back to work while balancing your new role as a mother can be challenging.  Although pumping may be a pain, just remember, this time won’t last forever.  You should feel proud everyday knowing that you are doing something so special for your little one.  We hope this post gave you some more style ideas to add to your roster.  Work it mama!


MAIA MODA Co-Founder



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