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Why Maia Moda?

Everyone tells you that you can’t prepare for motherhood, so I wasn’t surprised when I found it to be true. Very abruptly my life was divided into two sides, the time before motherhood and the time after.  All of a sudden there is another being in the world which becomes an extension of you.  Most of this transition is amazing, but we all still miss our old selves and don’t want to give up everything to motherhood.   I think we strive to make motherhood fit into who we are and not be overcome by it.

One of the major changes I underwent was due to breastfeeding.  I had the wonderful experience of being able to breastfeed my son; going on nine months now.  I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but although we got off to a rough start it’s been relatively smooth since then.  It’s been wonderful to see such a strong movement to normalize breastfeeding and support mothers on this journey, but it’s still hard.  Although many moms choose to breastfeed at the beginning you see the numbers dramatically decline at the 3 month mark.  The WHO recommends mothers breastfeed for two years and beyond.  Two years!   Wow – that is a big commitment you are asking mothers to make.  

Based on my personal experience breastfeeding is all consuming.  It is a huge responsibility to be the primary source of nutrition for your child and you can lose yourself in it.  That may be fine for the first three months, or less for some, but as I rounded that corner I wanted a little bit of myself back. My son was getting faster at breastfeeding which was delightful, but I was still running around in baggy shirts and unsupportive tank top bras that didn’t make me excited to get out of my pjs.   I want moms to feel empowered to breastfeed wherever and whenever they want and to feel and look good doing it. I looked around for nursing clothing options and although I could find some great loungewear items there wasn’t anything available in my pre-motherhood style.  I wanted to offer dresses and blouses that made a mom feel pretty and were easy and carefree to maintain.  That is what MAIA MODA is about.

As moms we don’t have the luxury of time to get ready in the morning like we used to, but having some  easy and beautiful pieces in your closet go a long way.  With a simple wardrobe change you are instantly pulled together for that next business meeting or playdate.  All our tops and dresses are specially designed for the nursing mom.  This includes easy care so you can just throw it into the wash, stain camouflaging for the inevitable spills and an extra long modesty top to conceal any leakage.  It is made for moms by moms so we wouldn’t cut any corners – moms deserve better!  

We want moms to go that extra mile with breastfeeding and not feel like it’s a chore. It should just blend in with your lifestyle as oppose to you bending over backwards for it.  We aren’t saying by any means that better clothing is going to change the tide on breastfeeding, there is so much more we need to do, but every little bit helps.  


MAIA MODA Co-Founder


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