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These are some of the most inspiring and hilarious photos that give multitasking
 a whole new meaning!

Firefighter Breastfeeding Her Baby

1. Fighting fires must seem a breeze after navigating a sleepless night with a newborn. Victoria County Fire Department in Australia decided to share this picture of a volunteer firefighter, Angela, wearing her uniform and proudly breastfeeding her daughter in public. According to the page administrator, after the photo was published, many people un-liked the page in backlash. But luckily many others offered support for the amazing working mom. Niki Jackson summed up our feelings when she commented saying, “Feeding a new generation of firefighters who save our homes and lives. But seriously, it’s just a boob. We’ve all seen them at some point. It is literally a chunk of flesh that helps to contain milk. Not the apocalypse.” Well said!

Model Nursing Baby on Catwalk
2. Model Mara Martin walked the runway while breastfeeding her 5-month-old daughter during the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Show at Miami Swim Week. She appeared in a one-shoulder gold swimsuit while carrying her infant daughter Aria who was seen with headphones. 'I am grateful to share this message and normalize breastfeeding. Showing others that women can do it all!,'
Triathlete Breastfeeding Her Baby
3. When yoga teacher and serial triathlete Katrina Bolduc finished her first triathlon after having a baby, the internet gave her a massive hi-five. Not only did she complete a huge sporting achievement but she stood proudly breast feeding her seven-month-old son on the finish line to care for his feeding needs. Her picture was posted on the ‘Breastfeeding Mama Talk’ Facebook page where Katrina declared ‘Got my medal and fed my baby like a champ!’ – and we couldn’t agree more! Floods of positive comments were posted to the page including “mommas can be strong, accomplish amazing feats and still nourish their babies!” and “congratulations on winning and breastfeeding, you are great”. Katrina told the Today Show: “I never really thought of myself as a public breastfeeding advocate, but now I’m like, heck, yeah, I’ll stand up for women everywhere, the athletic community and just moms in general.”
Bride Nursing Her Baby
4. Nothing was going to stop this mom breastfeeding her baby – not even her own wedding! In the photo, a woman breastfeeds her four-month-old son in her wedding dress. She has a confident and proud smile on her face. The caption reads: “I would like to share my photo on your page of me breastfeeding my son on my wedding day. This picture is very important to me because at the age of 22 so many people doubted me and said I would give up on breastfeeding and here I am 4 months later and still going strong. I enjoy nursing my son and I made sure when I chose my wedding dress I would be able to nurse throughout my entire night. And I was able to. So I just want to share with women that no matter who doubts you or who turns their noses up to breastfeeding that it can be done. No one should make them feel embarrassed about feeding their child in the most natural way.” The photo was shared on the Facebook page: “Black Women Do Breastfeed.” In a little over the week, it received nearly 5,000 likes and over 1,700 supportive comments. It has been shared over 29,000 times.
College Graduate Breastfeeding Baby
5. Jacci Sharkey juggled motherhood and schoolwork for most of her three and a half years at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) in Queensland, Australia. So, the 24-year-old mother of two thought it only fitting to thank the university for supporting her and her family (who sometimes even went to lectures with her) by sharing a photo in which she was breastfeeding her then-6-week-old son Alek in her cap and gown, just before the graduation ceremony. "I’m extremely proud that with the support of the uni, during my degree I was able to have 2 babies and still finish my degree," Sharkey explained in a note with the Oct. 2 photo. “Thanks USC!” Now the school can thank her for shining the spotlight on them. Since the university posted her photo on Facebook on Nov. 2, it’s gone viral, with 184,000 likes and more than 5,400 shares.
Australian Senator Nursing Baby
6. New mom and Australian Senator Larissa Waters was doing one of the most natural things in the world: breastfeeding her two-month-old daughter, Alia Joy. But she just so happened to be taking part in a parliamentary vote at the time, making her the first politician in Australian history to breastfeed her child during parliament and a new hero for working mums across the world. An ecstatic Waters took to Twitter to share a photo of herself grinning (above) as she fed two-month-old daughter Alia Joy during the vote, writing, “So proud that my daughter Alia is the first baby to be breastfed in the federal Parliament! We need more #women & parents in Parli.”

 Padma Lakshmi Breastfeeding Viral Photo

7. Padma Lakshmi's photo of multitasking while breastfeeding goes viral. Getting ready takes a whole new meaning with a little one in tow!

Wedding Guest Nursing Baby at Wedding
8. Naomi Jael Covert told ABC News she had no idea that when she posted a picture of herself breastfeeding her 10-month-old son Anthony "TJ" Covert Jr. at her best friend's wedding in her native country that she would spark a heated conversation. When Empoweredbirthproject, an Instagram account that posts empowering images of motherhood, shared Covert's photo, it was liked more than 13,000 times but also had over 600 comments!
Portraits of uniformed soldiers breastfeeding their children
9. At Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, a nursing room has been established in the Army base. While it may seem like a small gesture, it is in many ways a major recognition of a unique bonding experience between a woman and her child — one that juxtaposes the often hard exterior of the military with one of the most tender moments in human life. The striking “portraits of uniformed soldiers breastfeeding their children” photos have gone viral, and serve as a beautiful and inspiring reminder that being feminine and maternal can and indeed does coexist with the strength, duty, and honor that are more often associated with the military than with motherhood.
Baby Breastfed By Statue
10. Sometimes you can't fight instinct. Photographs of a mother and her child have gone viral on Reddit after the hungry baby decided to try breastfeeding on a statue. In the photos, you see the baby eyeing the sculpture before lunging in to get a meal. I love how the baby is looking up at the statue with an expectant face while the mother just laughs. I can only imagine the surprise he must have felt! 



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  • Alliece Harris

    Wonderful photos!! Keep going moms!

  • Danielle Price

    There is nothing more natural or beautiful than a loving mother taking care of her baby. I can’t believe that it’s even discussed as a problem. People really need to grow up and prioritize.

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